Test and Tag

Using a test and tag service will minimize the amount of risk people are exposed to in your workplace. It is advised that testing and tagging be done as often as possible if you are constantly using electrical equipment.

The following are a few key factors of why you should use a test and tag service.

Regulatory requirements
Using a Test and Tag service will meet regulatory compliance set out by the government in the ‘The Occupational Health and Safety Act’ in 2004 to provide a safe workplace. This means that all electrical appliances that you lease or own, will require to be inspected and tested by a qualified professional regularly. We use (portable appliance tester (PAT)) that are compliant with  regulatory testing standards (AS/NZS 3760:2010).

Workplace safety
Keep everyone in the workplace safe by using this service. Have peace of mind by avoiding unnecessary risk for both your workers and visitors alike.

Keep insurance premiums low and valid
Not many business know that by using a Test and Tag service they can reduce insurance premium costs.


The main aim of testing and tagging is to determine that the electrical appliances at your premises is safe to use. We use the following steps to proactively determine if your appliance is safe.

All appliances deemed unsafe will receive a FAILED report and will require to be removed or replaced as soon as possible. Appliances that have passed the test will receive a PASSED tag and qualified for use.